Clip No 15 Jay Edwards JEV 022 Three Nude Bea uties

Clip name: Clip_No_15__Jay_Edwards___JEV_022___Three_Nude_Bea uties.rmClip size: 191.595 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_16__Jay_Edwards____Jev_024___Mistress_Vane ssa.MP4Clip size: 774.411 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 13 Jay Edwards Jev 018 The Master Con trols

Clip name: Clip_No_13__Jay_Edwards___Jev_018___The_Master_Con trols.asfClip size: 71.4923 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_14__Jay_Edwards___Jev_020___The_Snatch.wmvClip size: 184.699 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 11 Jay Edwards Jev 014 We Deliver

Clip name: Clip_No_11__Jay_Edwards___Jev_014___We_Deliver.aviClip size: 879.469 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_12__Jay_Edwards____Jev_017___Bound_To_Plea se.aviClip size: 1664.33 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 9 Jay Edwards JEV 009 Oh So Tightly Tied

Clip name: Clip_No_9__Jay_Edwards___JEV_009___Oh__So_Tightly_ Tied.rmClip size: 46.8278 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_10__Jay_Edwards___Jev_010___Odd_Job_plus_T wo.wmvClip size: 162.093 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 7 Jay Edwards Jev 006 Tight Squeezes For Christie

Clip name: Clip_No_7__Jay_Edwards___Jev_006___Tight_Squeezes_ For_Christie.rmClip size: 43.2258 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_8__Jay_Edwards___JEV_008___High_Tied_In_Ca lifornia.rmClip size: 47.9144 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 5 Jay Edwards JEV 004 The Tease

Clip name: Clip_No_5__Jay_Edwards___JEV_004___The_Tease.rmClip size: 50.5493 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_6__Jay_Edwards___JEV_005___Domination_Time s_Three.rmClip size: 40.7549 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 3 Jay Edwards Jev 002 Educating Marita

Clip name: Clip_No_3__Jay_Edwards___Jev_002___Educating_Marita.wmvClip size: 224.538 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_4__Jay_Edwards___JEV_003___Christie_s_Concession.rmClip size: 58.984 MBLink (FlorenFile):

Clip No 1 ay Edwards Jev083 Bounty on Brittany

Clip name: Clip_No_1___ay_Edwards_Jev083_Bounty_on_Brittany.aviClip size: 726.74 MBLink (FlorenFile): Clip name: Clip_No_2__Jay_Edwards_Jev001_Discipline_Debut.wmvClip size: 194.735 MBLink (FlorenFile):