Polling Predicament

Polling Predicament12:35 videoMaster Matt does not agree with Chrissy’s political views so he came up with a grand plan to make sure she wouldn’t have a chance to cast her vote on election day, helping...

The Catsuit Burglars Disguise

Clip name: The_Catsuit_Burglars_Disguise.mp4Clip size: 614.597 MBFormat: mp4Resolution: 1920×1080Duration: 00:13:50Link (TezFiles):The_Catsuit_Burglars_Disguise.mp4

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Babysitting Burglary

Babysitting Burglary13:05 videoI’m stuck babysitting for my neighbor, chatting on the phone with a friend, telling her the little ones are asleep and I’m so bored! I don’t know what I’m going to do here...

A Tale Of Torture

A Tale Of Torture25:13 videoChrissy is telling us a story about her terrifying experience of being captured in her own home, while dressed in cut off shorts and her silky black pantyhose. As she recalls...

Helplessly Hog Tied and Rope Gagged

Helplessly Hogtied & Rope Gagged12:10 videoI was captured on my way home from work, stripped down to my pantyhose, bound with rope, and now I’ve been left alone, feeling humiliated and helpless. Fearing my fate,...

Duct Tape Escape

Duct Tape Escape8:22 videoMy daunting attempt at escaping from tight duct tape bondage before my captor returns! The around the head tape gag prevents me from being able to call for help, so I struggle...

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Not So Sneaky Sister

Not So Sneaky Sister11:28 videoMy sister called me today and was telling about how her boyfriend has been avoiding her lately. I’ve always known he was no good for her, but I want to give...

Helpless in my Hogtie and Hose Gag

Helpless in my Hogtie & Hose Gag12:33 videoI just got home a few minutes ago, but my friend is texting me insisting she left something important in my car earlier today. It’s late but I...

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