Petite Elise is carried into her hotel room over the Hunter’s shoulder with her elbows slammed tightly together behind her back. Thin leather cords cut deep into the soft flesh above her elbows crushing them completely together. He tosses her on bed and before she has a chance to recover he stuffs a pair of satin panties deep in her mouth the pulls her up and forces some white elastic wrap between her teeth and wraps it tightly around her head. Elise struggles as he pushes her back onto her belly and crosses and binds her ankles tightly together with more of the thin leather cords. Elise can feel the thin leather bite deep into her slender wrists as he ties them tightly together. More cords are run around her shoulders then down her back to her now bound wrists. She grunts into her gag as her arms are jerked up in a painful chicken wing with her hands pulled up to the small of her back and elbows forced out away from her back. More leather cords are tied around her tiny waist, pinning her hands to her back then the leather is pulled down between her legs and buried deep into her panties, splitting her pussy in two. Elise lays helpless on the bed groaning and moaning into her gag as he ties one last leather cord to her crushed elbows. She screams into her gag as he jerks her up into a cruel hogtied with the cord running from her elbows to her crossed and tied ankles. He leaves her alone helplessly hogtied on the bed, Elise snorts and grunts into her gag as she tries to struggle on the bed. But the cords are too brutally tight, she can barely move.

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