Dixie makes an impromptu house visit to her friend Ava’s house. Surprised to see Dixie but glad she stopped by, Ava asks Dixie to rub her sore shoulders. This is going to be way easier than Dixie expected. She massages her shoulders as they chit chat then Dixie grabs ahold of Ava’s neck and puts her out. Dixie goes to her purse and brings out the rope. She plays with Ava’s limp body, gropes her tits and takes off her shorts before tying her wrists and ankles. Dixie moves up to Ava’s panties, pulls them down and ferociously eats her sleeping friends butthole.
Ava comes to as Dixie is nose deep in her ass. Ava starts screaming but Dixie jumps up quickly and hand over mouth gags her. Dixie threatens Ava not to make a peep…she then grabs panties and vet wrap and gags her. Dixie goes back to finish what she’s started…she eats Ava’s ass until she is moaning orgasms through her panty gag. Dixie has a date with another butthole but she just can’t untie her friend and leave. So she puts Ava into a hogtie and brings out her bottle of sleepy juice. Dixie leaves her friend and tied up.
Clip name: Eat_Prey_Ava.mov
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Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:17:38
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