Will someone please help us get away from this creep! He busted into my house and is now holding me and Ashlynn! He has us chained up with cast iron collar and shackles with handcuffs and blindfolds and gags in our mouths! We literally have no way out of his sight.. Wait I think he just left! But All this metal and bondage is making me feel really strange. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I’m actually really turned on right now! I ask Ashlynn to go down on me so I can cum before the man comes back. I eat her out and make her cum hard before he walks back into the room. He tells us we need to go into 6 months of training before we are sold to an Arab prince! I cannot believe we are going to be sold! Someone please help us get out of here before we are sold as sex slaves!

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