In order to pull off this job, the man was told he only had to deal with an older woman. But when he got there,,he ran into Kittie, a very good looking and sexy dominatrix. As soon as he grabbed her, there was a knock at the door. Knowing Kittie would scream, the man covered her mouth with his hand. He held her down on the floor as someone unlocked the front door. "Housekeeping!" he heard the woman shout out. With Kittie bucking and trying to scream through his hand, the man told the woman that her housekeeping services were not needed. The woman hearing Kittie’s muffled screams believed she walked into a man and a woman having sex and she apologized. The man told her that she could come back later and then she left. Knowing that Kittie was not going to cooperate, the man realized he needed to secure her. So using rope, he tied her up. Kittie turned out to be a very tough girl and put up a bit of a struggle. She obviously was not intimidated by the man and refused to follow his orders. So to shut her up, the man stuffed and taped a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Now bound and gagged, Kittie continued to resist. But because she was into this type activity in her personal sex life, she was getting a bit turned and looked at this as more of a challenge rather than her being the victim of some kind of crime. Then when the man pulled her boobs out of her dress, she knew she couldn’t let this guy just rob her and leave her. She wanted him to have his way with her. So she did her best to flirt with him as he hogtied and crotch roped her. With the rope tied up between her legs, Kittie got even more turned on and when the man left her like this, she tried to beg him to stay and fuck her.
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