Madison is led into a dark basement and has her hands drawn behind her back binding them together behind the pole. As he finishes the ropes he tells her that she’s actually right in her suspicions about what he’s doing. She tries to step away from the man in the Security shirt but he just winds rope around her ankles binding them tightly together and forcing her to stand in her very high black heels. He then binds her ankles off to the pole itself before standing up and forcing a large black cloth into her mouth. The man then winds silver tape around her face and head sealing her mouth tightly shut while she glares at him over the gag. After a couple of gropes the man takes a rope and binds her elbows together and to the pole. With her arms and legs completely immobilized he moves forward and unbuttons her shirt showing off her lovely bra. She starts struggling when she’s sure he’s gone and tries to find a way to loosen any of the binds holding her in the situation. The man knows his knots however and she’s held fast to the pole only able to wiggle and grunt through her tight gag. He returns and clears some rope out of the chair before sitting down in it and taking another rope and binding her thighs together. He taunts her a bit more before telling her that he’s going to find her a playmate and leaving her tightly bound to the pole still and also very tightly gagged. She struggles for a bit before realizing that she’s at the man’s mercy and inescapably bound. She groans her disappointment and frustration over the gag as she resigns herself to whatever might happen next.

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