‘Officer’ Comet falsely arrests church girl Claire…Dixie isn’t really a cop and she preys on naive women. Dixie has Claire’s wrists and ankles cuffed as she brings her into her bedroom. She gets right to business hiking up Claire’s skirt and cutting off her panties to shove into her mouth as a gag. She ties a tight chest harness on Claire and makes her lay down on the bed. Dixie brings out the hitachi and as innocent little Claire moans into her gag, Dixie forces her to orgasm with the vibrator.
Dixie swaps out the leg irons for some rope. She hogties Claire’s ankles to the chest ropes and tethers the hogtie rope off to the bed. Dixie leaves a pair of scissors and the key for the cuffs visible to Claire. Dixie doesn’t want to take her chances of her new prisoner getting away while she is out cruising for more law breaking women but it sure is fun to fuck with her knowing she’s not going to get free
Clip name: Phony_Fink_Claire.mov
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Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:13:33
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