A stalker has had his eyes on Layla. She’s always wearing provocative outfits like short skirts and dresses and sky-high heels. Today, for work she has on white platform high heeled pumps, a short business skirt with a short sleeve blouse and a wide black belt showing off her thin waist. As she was strutting to her car after work she got snatched up and taken. The guy has tied her ankles, legs and her hands behind her back. Since she’s thin and very flexible he’s even tied her elbows together. To keep her from biting he’s plugged her mouth with a ballgag that is a little to big for her forcing her jaw to be opened beyond it’s means. Carried in, her squirming body and squealing mouth is put on the floor where she gets inspected and felt up. Satisfied that she’s not going to get loose he leaves her. As soon as he’s gone she gets to work trying to bend and squirm to reach at her knots. In the process, her short skirt climbs up her thighs revealing glimpses of her panties. She definitely has a hard time trying to get loose and dealing with that cumbersome ballgag lodged in her mouth. Wriggling to a sofa she tries getting up on it but that proves to be difficult as she must rest bent over it. Layla is quite bendy but the ropes have been tied real good and the knots are placed just out of her reach making her frustrated and rather helpless. The man has returned with what looks to be a roll of tape and a pair of panties which has young Layla worried. She can only hope pleading with her damsely doe eyes and girly garbled gag-talk will help get her out of this mess. Holding Layla still with his arm and hand around her neck she sobs helplessly wondering what this guy is going to do to her. She’s pretty tied up and defenseless. Unstrapping the ballgag he has to pull it out of her mouth as it was stuck behind her teeth…..
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