Meet Ariel…Randy’s new pet. The sexy hardbody stands submissively, clad only in a thong, her hands bound behind her back…waiting for her mistress. The stunningly beautiful Randy enters…nude, and immediately turns Ariel around and hand gags her, and grabs her breast, arching her back. Ariel’s taut, tan tummy is stretched…then Randy OTM gags her with a cloth. She then strips down Ariel’s thong, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. She forces Ariel to her knees, spreads her legs, and sits behind her…reaching around to grope her willing slave. She pushes Ariel down on her back and kneels between her legs…revealing her own perfect round ass, and juicy pussy. Randy’s kisses her gagged pet and pulls her on top of her and they rub their pussies together. Then Randy uses her hand to pleasure her pet, who moans and writhes and ecstasy. It looks like Ariel is going to enjoy being Randy’s pet!
Clip name: RMF_Randy’s_New_Pet.wmv
Clip size: 470.367 MB
Format: wmv
Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 00:15:03
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