While babysitting Sahrye was tricked into putting some of their mother’s sexy clothes. Then she was tied up and gagged. Somehow she escaped. But she was only able to get her ankles and knees untied. Now still gagged with her hands tied behind her back, she has run off to get help.The video begins with Sahrye going next door to ask her neighbor for help. With her bound hands, she bangs on his basement door until he answers. The man is very surprised to find her like this and since he has always had the desire to tie her up like this himself, he is a bit excited. But to find out what is going on, he removes the gag and lets Sahrye spit out a wad of panties that had been stuffed in her mouth. She tells him the while baby sitting, the boys next door tricked her and tied her up like this. But the man has other ideas. he re-stuffs her mouth and tie the gag back between her teeth. Then he brings out more rope and ties her back up. This time much tighter than the boys had her and with much more rope. He remembers just how much of a tease she is and points out the way she is dressed. "No wonder they tied you up!" he tells her. The man then goes insode for a very short while. When he returns, he has a pair of his wife’s panties. A much larger pair than the ones now in her mouth. He removes the first gag and stuff her mouth with the larger pair of panties. Then he wraps tape very tightly around her face and over her mouth to gag Sahrye again. This time, she can hardly make a sound.Sahrye is then left to struggle bound and gagged on her neighbor’s basement steps. This goes on for some time until the man comes back. He then stands her up, bends her over and ties her to the metal railing along the wall. He lifts her skirt and give her a little spanking. Then he tells her that he is leaving for the evening and that she will have to stay this way until he returns. He lets her know that that is when they are going to have some real fun.
Clip name: Sahrye_EBS_steps_B13.mp4
Clip size: 799.699 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:17:15
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