Sahrye, their teacher has come to their house for a parent/teacher conference. Mom and dad are not home but they invite her in anyways and tell her that their mother is waiting for her in a basement office. Once they get her down there, the lights go off. There is the sound of a struggle and when the lights go back on, they have Sahrye all tied up with rope. Sahrye demands to be untied. She threatens a very harsh punishment if continue with what they are doing. But they don’t really seem to care as all of sudden, Sahrye finds her mouth stuffed and taped to gag her. Sahrye is furious as she grunts and squeals through the gag. But the tape is wrapped very tight and there is no way anyone will hear her down her. After being told that the parents are gone for the weekend, Sahrye is left to struggle alone bound and gagged in the dark basement. To make matters worse, her short tight dress has risen all the way up her hips to show she is wearing some very sexy panties under her sheer pantyhose.
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