Venezuelan Secret Agent Chichi Medina has been sent on a mission. She’s been tracing the source of the money that’s being funneled to the rebels…and she’s sure she has found the source. She stalks around the property…knowing her adversary is a dangerous man, but she’s been trained by the best…and she’s confident.
She slinks into the house and stealthily approaches the mysterious Mr. O…as he browses at his bookcase. She gives him a classic karate chop and nearly drops him…but he turns a spins and back strikes her. Then punches are changed …until Mr O’s superior skills overpower Agent Chichi…and she drops to the floor. He drags the fallen agent off…and when she awakens, she’s in his dungeon, bound on a chair.
He enters and fires questions at her. The defiant Chichi spits answers back at him in Spanish…which only angers him more. He humiliates her by opening her uniform and exposing her big golden tan breasts…which he gropes, as she squirms in futile protest. He leaves her to ‘think’…and while he’s gone she struggles to the floor and tries to escape…
But he returns and drags her back to the chair and firmly ropes her to it. Then he stuffs a big ball-gag in her mouth, and then adds nipple clamps just to make her suffer. Then he leaves. For a while. When we next see Secret Agent Chichi Medina?she?s in some deep trouble.
Her captor has her confined in leather restraints that anchors one leg and her arms overhead. As she turns, it’s obvious that her panties are missing…and her shaved pussy is now quite exposed and vulnerable. Mr. O returns and admires his handiwork and enjoys tormenting his captive…exposing her breasts and using his crop to smack them…and then smacks her pussy as well.
Agent Chichi protests loudly in Spanish…but doesn’t give up the information her interrogator wants…so the assault intensifies…and he violates her with his finger…repeatedly plunging it into her exposed pussy as she tries in vain to squirm away?and again?after having his fun?and failing to get her to talk (at least in English) he leaves her and regroups?
And when we see her now?Her predicament has only worsened?for now she’s been bent over and tied in a particularly vulnerable position…with her ass exposed. Mr. O continues to question her?and is so annoyed at her continuing to only speak Spanish that he decides that further interrogation methods are necessary.
It’s time for her holes to be violated. He selects a wicked looking glass toy and jams it into her pussy…working it in and out. She feels so violated and humiliated…but still she doesn’t give up. So he uses the other end of the toy and rams it up her ass…in and out. This eventually has the desired effect. She caves in and miraculously begins speaking English.
Nothing like a little ‘Deliverance’ style interrogation to get full cooperation…Mr’ O unties her and finds out what he needed to know. But rather than releasing her, he gives her an option. Get turned over to the Government and get sent to Guantanamo…or remain his ‘guest’ and serve his needs. Somewhat reluctantly she makes the right decision…and drops to her knees.

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