Maci and Hannah are just leaving to start their shift at the spa, but as they climb into their truck and Maci starts the engine, a cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth from behind. Hannah starts and cries out, and quickly finds herself staring into a muzzle. As soon as Maci is comatose, the same cloth is used on Hannah until she too slumps motionless in her seat. When Hannah comes to, she sees a man sitting in their living room and she jumps in panic. He gives her some rope and tells her to tie up her friend. Hannah wakes Maci and apologizes for what she is being forced to do, then binds her wrists, ankles and knees. Hannah is then instructed to sit in a chair, and in a matter of minutes she is tied to it. Both she and Maci and gagged with duct tape. The man tells them he is sorry they missed their shift, but keeping them home was necessary so that others could take their places. He leaves the girls alone but promises to return in the morning to untie them. Hannah and Maci have no intention of staying tied up and gagged all night so they set to work trying to free each other. Hannah tries to untie Maci’s wrists and Maci tries to free Hannah’s legs, but they are unable to make any progress with the ropes. They are well and truly trapped!
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