Blonde runway model type Kari comes home after a hard day’s work and has a drink, but doesn’t realize there’s an intruder sneaking up behind her. He suddenly pounces on her, spins her around and gets her cooperation with some ‘armed persuasion’. He makes her remove all her jewelry, which he plans to steal from her, and then notices how alluring she is. After getting a good look at her, he orders her to strip one item of clothing at a time and also makes her walk back and forth like she’s on the runway. With her garter belt removed her stockings start to slip, but this becomes irrelevant when she is ordered to kneel. He quickly binds her wrists and ankles and feels up her stocking-clad legs while putting a hand over mouth to make her remain submissive. Her tits get squeezed as well and then she is tapegagged. After watching her struggle he tells her that it’s time for him to leave as she sets out to escape. The ropes hold even as she tries a multitude of positions including rolling around on the ground, standing up and falling onto the couch. Some POV closeups disorient her, but there’s no escape and so she must endure. The naked hottie doesn’t look like she’ll be escaping anytime soon!

Clip name: KariAfterWork.wmv
Clip size: 561 MB
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