Gorgeous big-breasted blonde Katie is a very drunk girl who comes back to her place and plops down on her bed. She is unaware of the creep who followed her and is equally undisturbed in her inebriated state as the masked man’s hands grope her breasts and cover her mouth in case she becomes restive. Of course, the fondling gets rough and Katie reacts with surprise only to be given an even tighter handgag as she furiously struggles, but remains weak in her drunken state. She continues to be fondled until she is ‘smothered’ into submission. She is fondled and forced to stand up while groggy as her nice round ass gets some much needed attention as well with some spanking and groping. She starts to become agitated again and has to be ‘subdued’ while her captor gets up to do more demented things to the sexy girl.
While in her weakened state she is tied up and then roughly fondled. The ropes confine her movement as she gets a smothering handgag to shut her up. More groping of her magnificent large breasts ensues. While keeping her muffled with his arm covering her mouth, the masked intruder rips off some sticky duct tape. The tape is then pressed forcefully over her mouth to keep her quiet and she is fondled some more and left to struggle. She moves around on the bed, but the ropes keep her from getting very far as we get lots of close-ups of this sexy girl.
Poor super busty blonde babe Katie isn’t pleased about being bound and gagged and has sobered with her struggles. Her captor returns to further torment the poor girl by removing her clothes and fondling her all over. She gets tossed around and, at one point, ends up on top of the villain who grabs at her ass while she’s in a compromised position. After having some fun he decides to hogtie and leave her for a while. She struggles as we get lots of the usual intrusive close-ups and full shots of her sexy bound body and pretty gagged face. Her captor comes back to un-hogtie her and removes her tapegag. Before she can complain a hand muffles her cries as more groping of her huge tits takes place. Her captor decides it’s time to leave and ‘subdues’ her back into submission. The villain then picks her up to take her away somewhere for some nefarious purpose no doubt!
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Duration: 00:33:35
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