Car breaks down on an old country road far from any town. The desperate cutie is glad to see a pickup truck pull over, thinking that she will now be rescued! The ‘good ol’ boy’ walks up and offers assistance to the beautiful girl and Loni eagerly accepts his help. He returns to his truck for a moment to get his ‘tools’ then returns but begins fondling Loni’s sweet and curvy body! The frightened city girl squirms uncomfortably in his lecherous grasp as he squeezes her ass and boobies, telling her that she has a fine ‘chasis’! As she feebly attempts to rebuke his advances the backwoods perv suddenly clamps a chloro soaked cloth over her pretty face! Loni "MMMMMPH"s as the man slowly and dramatically drugs her with the tainted cloth while groping her boobs! Poor Loni is easily overpowered and put to sleep! The man holds her limp form in his arms and continues to fondle her!

He then throws Loni over his shoulder and carries her (OTS carrying) to his truck where he lays her across his tailgate and continues to feel her up before tying her up with rope! When Loni wakes up she is set up on the tailgate, firmly handgagged, verbally teased then her pleading mouth is stuffed with a fat wad of cloth and gagged with a roll of clear tape (Loni "MMMMMPH"s and gag-talks wonderfully throughout this sexy video)!

The poor gagged damsel is then shoved into the back of the man’s pickup truck and is hidden by a canopy with tinted windows. The man then drives away from the scene with his captive city girl bound and gagged in the back! The terrified girl "MMMMMPH"s while she is driven around through the back roads (this is a very hot scene) to the man’s warehouse deep in the woods!

When they arrive at the warehouse the man pulls his bound & gagged captive from the truck and fondles her some more before carrying her (cradle carrying) for a brief moment before deciding to carry her over the shoulder into his lair of bondage torment! Loni is carried into a back room where she is set in a chair and subjected to relentless fondling as she struggles and protests through her heavily gagged mouth! The man reveals that he is a white slavery / sexual slavery fiend and tells Loni that he’ll get a pretty penny for her on the black market!

Her feeble attempt to escape is met with mocking comments by the cruel man and he humiliates her by forcing her to briefly hop in place! He then returns her to the chair and strips her down to her panties! After more fondling the damsel is left to struggle for a while! Eventually she frees her legs and unties herself but for some reason doesn’t remove her gag! She then wanders around for a while looking for a way out of the large warehouse! The main door is locked with handcuffs and she fumes with frustration at her inability to open it!

Loni suddenly remembers that she’s gagged and removes the tape and cloth from her mouth! She then finds another door but as she tries to open it the slaver suddenly handgags her from behind! He roughly fondles the exotic captive city girl and strips her of her panties and shoes leaving her completely naked! He then spanks her for trying to get away and gropes her naked vulnerable body! Finally he clamps the chloro cloth over her lovely face again and dramatically smothers her slowly back to sleep! Loni "MMMMMPH"s but eventually passes out and is carried away over the shoulder as the man smacks her ass!

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