Mia is being forced down a secluded path in the woods by a man who’s got her by the arm and neck. When he finds the proper clearing he shoves her down to her knees and gets to the business of further restraining her. First he takes rope and binds her elbows together before pulling her head up and shoving her mouth with a cloth he has in his pocket. Taking white microfoam tape he winds it tightly around her head sealing the packing home and muffling her cries for help. Pushing her down to a seated position he grabs her legs and secures them together despite her kicking. Finally with her legs bound he grabs her and shoves her over onto her shoulder which starts her squealing in earnest as she’s not a big fan of being forced to lay on the ground. Pulling her into a hogtie position another rope is added to her bondage forcing her high heeled feet into her ass. He finishes the hogtie while taunting her about all the creepy crawly things in the grass. He heads off to the car to get a few more things leaving her to struggle. She fights her hogtie and does her best to get out of the tight ropes while he’s gone but can’t do much more than pull on her hogtie and roll around a bit hoping to avoid all the bugs crawling around near her. Eventually he comes back and teases her a bit about her wanting to be untied before taking some pictures with his phone. He tells her that he’s got to take some pics of the surroundings so he can find her when he comes back. Finally after what seems like forever he returns happy to find her in the same place. Rolling her over he unbuttons her top showing off her bra before pulling her skirt up and giving her ass a few nice slaps. He heads off one final time leaving poor Mia to struggle for all she’s worth deep in the woods before nightfall.

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