Young women have been disappearing for months and no one is any the wiser as to who is responsible. No one ever sees the girls again and the authorities assume the worst, that they have a on the loose. Some of the media even refer to him as SK. There are patterns: the girls are always dressed in sexy clothes, often in leathers, so in a desperate attempt to catch him, Detective Hannah Perez is sent under cover to lay a trap. Her backup is staying way back to avoid spooking SK if he shows up. Hannah’s instincts buzz when she sees one particular guy cruise slowly by but he does stop, as if he too can sense that something is wrong. His rear license plate is illegible, so Hannah jumps in her car and follows him. She tells her team what she is doing, but before long her cell signal grows patchy, and by the time the suspect stops she has no signal at all. Hannah is worried that if SK has been spooked, he may flee if she leaves to get backup, so she decides to risk going in alone. She enters the house ready to fire and begins going from room to room, looking for the occupant she knows must be there. She leaps out of her skin when he suddenly appears behind her. Her protection falls to the floor as she struggles to pull away the cloth pressed over her nose and mouth. Her world begins to swim and her thrashing around subsides until she is motionless on the floor, aware of nothing.

When the world starts to re-enter her consciousness, she realizes fairly quickly that something is wrong. She can barely move. Something cold is embracing her body. As her vision clears, she sees the suspect sitting in a chair nearby, watching her, smiling complacently. Hannah tries to move and suddenly, her predicament comes into sharp focus. She is handcuffed, shackled and chained to a chair with a dozen padlocks. Escape is completely impossible. She has fallen into the trap this set for her, and she wasn’t even able to tell her backup where she was. She can see her phone on a nearby table and it is clearly switched off, so no one is going to be able to locate her, out here in the woods, isolated. With her fate uncertain but almost certainly bad, Hannah tries to bluff it out, telling the SK he is in so much trouble for taking a cop. She cringes as the comes close to her, sniffs her hair and whispers in her ear, "You’re the one in trouble." Unable to resist his attentions, Hannah can do nothing as he repeatedly gags her, first with a panel gag with a rubber penis, then stuffing a cloth into her mouth and wrapping tape around her head, and finally tightly cleave gagging her. She can’t protest as he feels her breasts, or when his fingers probe between her thighs. He torments her by almost giving her food and water, and then withholding them. Hannah tries to maintain her bravado as she was trained to do for just such an eventuality, but little by little her composure begins to slip as the torment continues, and she eventually finds herself on the verge of tears. When the SK finally announces that he needs to get some sleep before he heads out that night to stalk his next victim, he lays Hannah’s chair down on its back and tells her to relax, because he has not finished with her yet. She struggles, pulling against the chains but at the same time knowing that it’s no good.

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