Supremely hot buxom blonde Rikki shows up to what appears to be a warehouse with a flyer in hand about some party. She looks around and figures she’s early and goes to where she feels happiest, the bar! As she waits, a menacing masked man sneaks up behind and viciously handgags her from behind and pins are her flailing arms. She looks on in surprise as he explains something or other about the flyer being fake and how she’s been lured into slavery. He feels the need to ‘break’ her in and this prompts him to invasively touch her all over her toned body. He keeps her under control and subdues her in order to get a bit more ready for her journey. She is forcibly stripped of her panties and ends up placed on a cart. Later, she comes around and sees that she’s been hogtied and can’t move on the cart! Her struggles only tighten the ropes around her wrists unfortunately as the masked creep walks over and handgags her before any questions can be asked. Not hard to imagine what’s going to happen next to her sexy hottie!

Later, Rikki has to endure her big tits getting mauled before her panties are shoved into her mouth and a cleavegag is added to keep them soaking between her teeth. Her captor continues to fondle her all over, spanking and groping her ass and running his hands between her legs as he pleases. She is then left to struggle and she does her best as all her pulling on the ropes just tightens the hogtie and makes her arms go numb even faster. Her movement shakes the cart, but not enough to cause it tumble over or anything (lucky for her!). The villain returns for a quick grab of her assets before he pulls her cart away as she looks on helplessly.

After this the hapless hottie is tied spreadeagle with her legs apart and looking rather inviting as our resident masked thug tapegags and molests her. He then breaks out the dildo vibrator to pleasure her in bondage and make her enjoy submission. She responds of course and can’t help but shake with excitement as she gets treated like an object of desire. The masked one then uses his hand to further control her pleasure center and then leaves her to struggle. Her examination from every angle and in uncomfortable closeup to full body leaves little to the imagination, which is exactly what the doctor ordered! She manages to loosen some rope and then suddenly she is frantically getting free of all the ropes and forgets to take off her tapegag. She races to the door and gets grabbed at the last moment by the masked villain who pins her arms behind her back and gropes her hard with a little spanking thrown in and pulls her back in for more wackiness.

Next, Rikki is tied to a coat rack and looks a bit worried (it’s subtle, but there!). The masked thug who lured her comes over and wraps tape over her mouth and around her head. She also has to endure some rough groping and nipple pinching. Then the villain decides to finger her pussy a bit and spank and grab at her nice round ass as well. She is left to struggle both with the bondage and the knowledge that she is running out of time before she gets shipped off overseas. She struggles furiously and the view of her in bondage is hot. After a while, she realizes that her captor didn’t secure her well enough and she takes the coat rack with her as she rolls it out of the room and towards the door to freedom and hopefully some good samaritan willing to free her!

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