Cono is still pretty new to HELL! but she is rapidly learning that when a bitch is here, she is suffering. This is an incredibly intense session in which Cono is taken to her absolute edge and the understands she will suffer more. This is a cruel, brutal, sadistic assault on the whore’s ass, and after every violent impact of the strap, the cunt says "thank you, Sir," as she holds back tears from the agony. This is a bitch, a whore, a pig and a slut who drips more and more as the punishment increases. Her masochistic needs are great and she is still at the beginning of her descent into depravity and darkness, and you will be there to enjoy her ride into HELL!

Clip name: Cono_-_Judicial_Punishment.mp4
Clip size: 115.685 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 654×480
Duration: 00:10:00
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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