Elle is in the dungeon but that is the least of her worries. She is strapped to the infamous, dreaded Tiger Bench and she is terrified. She knows the soles of her feet are exposed to agony, but that is far from all that awaits this cunt in HELL! She if cruelly interrogated by BrutalMaster, each answer he does not like brings swift, violent retribution. The whore confesses to pretty much every sexual deviation you can think of and her utter humiliation ultimately leads her to new depths even this piece of meat has never dreamed of. This is an intense session, deep in the bowels of HELL! with a cunthole of a bitch who admits this is exactly what she deserves.

Clip name: Elle_-_Tiger_Bench_Torture.mp4
Clip size: 86.6434 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 872×480
Duration: 00:12:21
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