Lilah Rose – Crucified

Lilah Rose is the sluttiest creature to ever crawl through HELL! No slut has had more orgasms, with tidal waves of gush, in these infamous halls. She revels in her reputation as a slutty whore piece of meat. This is Lilah Rose.

Of course, in HELL! everything has a price and the payment for such pleasure, even at the end of a whip, is more pain. In this incredible session, Lilah Rose is crucified on a steel cross and bullwhipped over and over.
This is an incredibly intense whipping, adding to her suffering, the painful crucifixation. And that is why Lilah Rose and every bitch who comes to HELL! is here, because, deep down, they know they deserve it.

This time, however, there is no orgasmic release fo rthe bitch, because it was too much agony, even for her. She screams and cries but to no avail, she is going to suffer and you get to enjoy her punishing destruction.

After the movie, watch an exclusive interview with Lilah – one of the most intense masochists anywhere.

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Duration: 00:14:14
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