This is an cruel, intense, and sadistic session for Missy. She has been in HELL! for less than two days and already her head has been shaved, her udders have been skewered, she has suffered unspeakable indignities and humiliations. She has suffered agonyon the Moroccan Torture Table and was used as only a bitch like her can be used. But there is more, much more, coming.

Now the cunthole will become a suffering hucow. While her udders are being tortured in a brutal milking machine, she is held in place unable to move, and then she is beaten with the prison strap. Her moans turn to screams. Her screams turn to cries. Her cries turn to sobs as she turns into a destroyed puddle of cuntmeat. As a final insult, "CUNT" was boldly marked on her humiliatingly bald head, a label she had to wear even after she left HEL!

Yes, it has been a very hard few days for this bitch.

Clip name: Lilah_Rose_-_Stitched_Up_Cunt.mp4
Clip size: 271.613 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:15:35
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