This is extreme humiliation. When Lilah Rose has an orgasm, whether spontaneous or forced, the bitch just gushes all over the place. She is the Victoria Falls of fuckholes. She appears to have a never ending reservoir of juices from which to draw. Now the whore has to clean up after her worthless flowing cunthole, and her degradation continues.

But here is the thing, while on her knees, licking an inflatable dildo clean, a weighted clamp fell off her nipple — excruciating agony– and the bitch began begging to cum. In all, the pig had more than a dozen orgasms, while sopping up her cunt juices from the floor, while crawling, while in the cage, when the clamps were yanked off her worthless tits. Lilah Rose is the sluttiest, lowest cunt to even cum in HELL!

Clip name: Lilah_Rose_-_Throw_In_The_Towel_Chapter_Two.mp4
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Duration: 00:14:38
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