Let’s be clear, Lilah Rose is a slut, really, much more than a mere slut, she is pretty much the sluttiest piece of meat that has ever crawled through HELL! She freely admits that, she also admits it makes her wet (and by wet, we are talking seven seas wet) to know that strangers are watching her suffer. The more humiliating and degrading the wetter this cunthole becomes.

This is called, "Throw In The Towel," not because this bitch is a quitter, quite the opposite, she is a gusher. You really have to see it to understand, but let’s put it like this, the more abusively the whore is treated, the more she cums and the more she gushes, literally, all over the place. If you love seeing a young, slutty, whorish, piece of shit bitch punished, exploited, and degraded until she squirts all over the floor during forced orgasms, you have come to the right place…and the right bitch.

Clip name: Lilah_Rose_-_Throw_In_The_Towel.mp4
Clip size: 77.6928 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 654×480
Duration: 00:11:05
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