The first time MIssy was in HELL!, she figured it would be the last time. It was "one and done," just get it out of her system. But now she is back, and in just 30 hours, the cunt suffered many, many tortures. This is one of them, Missy, Return To HELL! Chapter 3.

Missy’s head was shaved bald only hours ago, just to remind her that she controls nothing in HELL!. She is a piece of meat, a piece of shit, a cunt who is here for one reason, to suffer. She is Bolted to the dog house, rough roof tiles destroying her cunt, chained and whimpering. She is also dripping wet because she knows deep down that she deserves this punishment and that excites her. This is new in HELL! we call it the shredder, and you can see what it does to this whore’s ass, leaving it bleeding and in agony. Missy cries and whimpers but this is what she is, and this is what she needs.

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