Missy – Your Turn To Suffer

Missy brought her friend Pussy to HELL! to suffer, but the tables are turned when it becomes Missy’s turn to experience agony.
The cunt is strapped to a table and her perfect ass is worked over using the Prison Strap among other things. She screams and begs but the punishment is relentless as Pussy looks on from a locked cage.

The most entertaining part of this entire ordeal is Missy’s constant screaming and whimpering.
She is just a little meat-bitch in agony. Her absolutely wonderful ass is made for this kind of abuse and her reactions are priceless.
Missy is a true Bitch of HELL! and her only real value is her suffering.

At the end Missy crawls to the cage as a reminder of her disgrace. We know it is incredibly humiliating and degrading for her which makes it all the better.

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Duration: 00:10:33
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