Nothing – Destroyed

It is hard to describe just how low this piece of shit really is, it (nothing is an object, not a person) does not even really have a name, just a symbol, which means ‘nothing,’ and THAT is a gift it does not deserve. We start out in the cold dungeon with the cunt in a cage. It already looks like a battered whore who has been used for about a mouth straight. Of course, it IS a battered whore, having been brutalized earlier in the day. In fact, it still had the nipple clamps on from when it was suspended and bullwhipped. When they are yanked off, you can see the look in its blue eyes; it knows it was about to be DESTROYED. Of course, that is just the beginning.

And then things get worse much worse for it.

This bitch is never allowed to cum and, in fact, when used must always invite everyone who uses it to ram it in its filthy, worthless, asshole. The slimehole between its legs is for punishment only. Its "punishment-hole," as we call it, is caned, beaten, abused, and tortured during which time the whore is allowed to suck on a filthy butt plug (which had NOT been in its asshole, but had been in many other assholes).

At the end of the ordeal, the cunt crawls across the dungeon floor so it can be used as a urinal and then it is stuffed back into the cage for the night. Tomorrow is another day. As we said before, DESTROYED.

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