You may see us use the symbol of a zero with a slash through it for this piece of shit — that simply means "nothing" and that is this bitch’s name here in HELL! Nothing, as in she is nothing, zero, lower than the lowest. She contacted BrutalMaster and a few short days later she flew across the country to submit, making it clear she has no limits and she is willing to do anything, suffer anything, be anything because she knows she deserves torture.

Her head is shaved, and she spends her first 24 hours in HELL! being abused, degraded, and, of course, brutally tortured, In this session, the cunthole is on the dog house in the dungeon, her clit hood and cunt lips are nailed to the sandpaper harsh roof. Then her already beaten and tortured udders and skewered –and much more.

But here is the thing that is truly amazing. BrutalMaster ordered her to hold her hands behind her back — frankly, he had intended to tie them but forgot. This bitch, nothing, just kept them there, unbound, while her worthless painbag tits were skewered and more. Eventually, her hands were bound, of course. But this is one bitch who knows her place. She is a pain, humiliation and piss slut, among many other things. We think you are going to truly love watching her suffer, and suffer, and suffer some more.

Clip name: Nothing_-_You_Aint_Seen_Nothing_Yet.mp4
Clip size: 210.611 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:13:26
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