Runt the Cunt, back in HELL! screaming, begging, crying and suffering. Of course she is, she is being tortured. The little bitch comes up with these ideas (a barbed wire spider web) and then tries everything she can to get out of the torture she devised. But in HELL!, as Runt and all the other cunts know, there is no stopping until BrutalMaster decides it is time to stop.

The slut is whipped and paddled while the biting barbs cut into her soft flesh. And she is begging for the torture to end the entire time. This is a true Slave of HELL! and you are going to love what this whore is put through all so she can confess the words, "I was born a cunt."

Clip name: Runt_the_Cunt_-_I_Was_Born_A_Cunt.mp4
Clip size: 175.863 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 654×480
Duration: 00:13:51
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