The destruction of Slave Cow’s udders continues, this time both are branded to show the bitch is taken. But before she smells her own flesh sizzling, the cunt’s titmeat is nailed down and cruely beaten. This is an intense, sadistic, and brutal punishment even BEFORE the branding. The udders are now all nice and tenderized, as the ass-licking whore watches the branding iron turn red-hot from the blow torch. She begins to cry before the hot iron sears the flesh of her meat bags and then… she screams in abject agony. You will smile and laugh at this bitch’s degradation and torture.

Clip name: Slave_Cow_-_Branded_Udders.mp4
Clip size: 87.7977 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×480 @ 654×480
Duration: 00:10:15
Link (K2S/Fboom):

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