Delco’s Women’s Correctional Facility: New Prison, New Rules

Introducing Delco’s brand new all female prison created just for those prisoners in need of correction of a different flavor. Warden Mr Rob and guard Sarah Gregory introduce the inmates to their new rehabilitation program: a dose of the hand and hairbrush otk and a taste of the warden’s prison strap. Also starring Stevie Rose, Harley Havik, Ava Nicole, Maddy Marks, Cupcake SinClair, Pixie, and Sarah Dise.

Keywords: bare bottom, hair pulling, leg lock, face slapping, prison, prison strap

Clip name: Delco_Womens_Correctional_Facility_New_Prison_New_Rules.wmv
Clip size: 893.811 MB
Format: wmv
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:29:53
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