Alice’s First Ever Hogtie – Part 1

Can you believe it? 51 years old and she’s never been hogtied. Alice is somewhat of a pain slut and has quite a bit of experience being beaten with various implements, but she has not been bound much. She is ready for new experiences though and today that means tight rope bondage. I have her by her hair as I lead her in and sit her down in a chair. Her arms are already bound behind her back. I immediately start manhandling and groping/slapping her tits through her sweater. I then stuff several pairs of panties in her mouth and then seal them in with a roll of vet wrap wrapped around her head. I now continue with the groping and hair pulling. I eventually stop to add some rope around her waist to make sure she can’t go anywhere without taking the chair with her. I add a rope cuff to each ankle to be used later. I then start adding more rope to her upper body, further securing her and making her bondage even tighter. You can tell by the look on her face that she is loving it! I grope and pull her hair for a bit, before I get some scissors. Yes, I have a hankerin’ for some breast bondage, and that pesky sweater is in my way. Before I start binding them, I once again grab Alice by her hair and alternate slapping her right and left tit. I sometimes stop and giver her nipples a twist as well. Those tits aren’t going to tie themselves, so I stop and grab some twine. (Breast bondage is also a first for Alice.) After they are tied nice and tight, I notice her nipples are begging for clamps. I oblige them with the green ones. Some times clamps don’t want to stay on bound tits, but the green ones will. I remove her waist rope and that’s where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Alice
Categories: Blondes, leggings, MILF, sweaters

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