Allegra HogCuffed, Crotch Chained, then Crotch Roped TIGHT! – Part 1

All she had to do was be quiet, but she can’t even obey simple instructions yet. Her captor left her in hand cuffs and some chain. She’s not even gagged, and all she had to do was lay in the dark on the concrete floor and be quiet. Her captor hears her rolling around and moaning and comes to check on her. He flicks the light switch on and Allegra looks worried now. She knows she has disobeyed him. The first thing he does is to gag her with a big red ballgag. You can tell by the bruising on her tits, that he has been having some fun with them. He asks if she wants more as he squeezes and gropes them. Then he says that maybe he should concentrate on her ass today as he gives it a few hard smacks. He gives the chain buried in her pussy a few tugs before he cuffs her elbows and then her toes. She is then hogcuffed. He orders her to struggle, since that’s what she seems to want to do anyway. She struggles for a bit and then slows down. Not good enough. Allegra’s captor walks over with a thin wooden paddle to offer her encouragement. A few whacks on her feet, ass, and pussy, and she is frantically struggling and whimpering again for your enjoyment. After a while, Allegra’s captor releases her from her hogcuff. He stands her up against a post.

Featuring: Allegra

Categories: barefoot, bastinado, Blondes, Busty, handcuffs, hogtied

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