Allegra’s Test – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… As remove the rope from around her neck, I ask her how she likes her bondage so far. I then add a simple chest harness, before I gag her. She has been left ungagged for far to long. I ask her if she likes gags, before I shove a mouth filling red ballgag in her mouth. I then start binding her tits. They are perfect for tying. When I get done with her left tit, I smack it a few times and then I flick her swollen nipple. Allegra still smiles. She knows she’s helpless to do anything about it and she likes it. After I get done binding her other tit, I spend a little time, smacking and groping them. My attention then turns to her arms. I untie her wrists and reposition them in a reverse prayer. When I’m done it’s not the best reverse prayer in the world, but it’s snug and I still like the way it looks. The next time I’ll have to bind her arms while she’s standing. I remove her ball gag and ask her once again what she thinks of the bondage. This is where part 2 ends.

Featuring: Allegra

Categories: Blondes, Busty, pantyhose, reverse prayer

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Duration: 00:18:50
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