Allegra’s Test – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… Allegra comments on how helpless she looks. I then shove 2 huge pairs of panties in her mouth. I tell her to hold them there as I tie a rope into her hair. I ask her a few more questions so we can hear some gag talk, lol… I am soon sealing the panties in with multiple wraps of black tape. I plan on hogtying her, but her bound tits are just begging for more attention, so I give them more. I add one more quick rope, before I place her on the floor. I tell her to struggle for a few minutes. She does, but soon she needs the gag out. Allegra is still very new to bondage and struggling in 95 degree heat while strenuously bound isn’t easy. She’ll definitely get better as she gains more experience. I then pull her into an extremely tight hogtie. I started at her crotchrope, which tightens it up a great deal, when I hogtied her. I add another rope and use it to pull her head back by the hairtie I added earlier. Remember how Allegra has been smiling all along? That smile is gone now and you can tell that the heat and her severe bondage is starting to get to her now. I add some heavy green clamps to her nipples. She hasn’t been hogtied for very long now and is looking distressed. I tell her I’ll get her out in a few minutes. I want to regag her, but she knows that she wouldn’t be able to handle it. I move the camera around and get as many shots as I can before I roll her on her side. I grope her bound tits while she’s on her side. I then get as many camera angles as I can before I start cutting the ropes off of her. I get her out of the hogtie and then remove her breast bondage. I am freeing her arms as the clip ends. For not having done very much bondage, I was very impressed with Allegra. She has great flexibility, gags nicely, and has a high pain tolerance… definitely looking forward to tying her again!

Featuring: Allegra

Categories: barefoot, Blondes, Busty, hogtied, nipple clamps, pantyhose, reverse prayer

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