Needs More Cowbell

The door opens and Amanda hops out into the fresh air. She’s gagged with a rag and gray tape. She’s bound with extremely rough and abrasive coconut rope…any movement or struggle and the rope bites into her tender flesh. She’s leashed and wearing a cowbell around her neck… this way he always knows where she’s at in case she manages to get off her leash, although that is highly unlikely. Her ankles are bound so she must hop to keep up with her captor. She tires and tries to stop… He smacks her ass and she whimpers and starts hopping again. She breathes heavy as she tries to keep up while severely gagged and wearing heels in the loamy sand. He finally stops and positions her up against a large post. He removes her leash and the cowbell. He then unties her elbows. He lifts her straight up and positions her arms around the post. He uses the barbed wire like coconut rope to tightly tie her waist to the post. Amanda moans as the rope digs in. Her captor then briefly examines his prize before getting more rope. He crotchropes her and then unties her feet and ankles. Her legs are then spread wide and tied off the wooden stakes driven deep into the ground. He now spends some time playing with his captive. He gropes her perky tits. Amanda moans as her eyes roll back into her head when he repeatedly slaps her exposed inner thighs. He leaves her for a bit, but soon returns with a thin switch. He cleans it with his pocket knyf right in front of her. He smacks her inner thighs with it, leaving nicely spaced stripes. He rubs it over her crotchrope and pussy lips. Amanda thrashes about as she is whipped again. He tosses the switch aside for now so he can enhance her bondage. Her upper thighs are tied individually to the post with more coconut rope. He leaves her again for just a short while, before returning with thin twine. He uses it to accentuate her tits for the switch. he picks it back up and starts whipping her tits with it. After a while of her tits being whipped the clip ends. I have added some behind the scenes footage of Amanda being gagged.

Featuring: Amanda Marie

Categories: crotchrope, outdoors, post/pole/tree tied

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Duration: 00:23:55
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