An Evening of Gags with Rachel – Part 1

We present another episode of "An Evening of Gags" with Rachel. I give a quick run down of what the show is about before introducing Rachel. Rachel is dressed in stockings, garter, satin shiny panties, and business attire. We also find out that we will concentrate on cleave gags for this show. I get her ready by manhandling and smacking her ass for a short while. Rachel is seated shortly there after and quickly tied to the chair, before her 1st gag is applied. She endures a harness gag with a small ball. Soon after black tape is wrapped around the ball to really make it effective. Rachel is ordered to chant "I am a gag whore" repeatedly so we can gauge the gags effectiveness. While she is busy doing this I continue immobilizing her with more rope. I remove this gag and apply the next one, which consists of a stretchy ace bandage, followed by thin duct tape, and finished off with a lot of electrical tape. Once again Rachel is ordered to commence with the An Evening of Gags chant. I step away and let teh camera crew get some close ups of the gag. I remove the gag and we get to hear what she thought of the gag and how it compared the the first gag. This is where Part 1 ends.

Featuring: Rachel
Categories: ballgag, business attire, cleave gag, electrical tape, face bondage, garter and stockings, harness gag

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