Superheroines Revenge Gone Awry

During the Day Ashley is an investigative reporter and under the cover of darkness she is a superheroine. She has been planning her revenge on Dr. Cupcakes for months. AS you may remember he caught her trespassing. She was subsequently severely bound and gagged. She sneaks into his lair, but Dr. Cupcakes is ready. He turns around and displays his Huge, ultra hard, glistening Magic Diamond!! No woman can resist. She immediately can’t stop staring. She is quickly and put to sleep. She is carried over Dr Cupcakes shoulder and left on the floor deep in the bowels of his secret lair. He gropes and ragdolls her body for a bit. He turns her onto her stomach and then binds her elbows, wrists, and ankles with leather straps. She eventually wakes up confused. She struggles on the floor for a while. Dr Cupcakes returns. He sits in a chair and gropes her huge tits before he shoves a huge sponge in her mouth and then seals it in with clear tape. He then continues to roughly manhandle her. He stands her up and forces her to bend over the table. He slaps her ass a good 8 times. He turns her around and straps her neck to the post. Her lower arms are strapped to her body. Dr. Cupcakes removes her sponge gag and replaces it with a ballgag. With her neck strapped to the post, our superheroine is forced to bend backwards in a most uncomfortable way. When Dr Cupcakes returns he adds a crotchrope and then hangs a concrete block off of it. This makes her predicament even more uncomfortable. Her tits are pulled free of her shiny super uniform and repeatedly groped and slapped. He leaves her to struggle, drool, and mmpph for a bit. When he returns he clamps her nipples and then ties them up high on the post. Between her uncomfortable position, the clamps, crotchrope, and her burning calves, it doesn’t take long before the tears start forming. Dr. Cupcakes does not take being attacked lightly. Finally after what seemed like an eternity for our superheroine, Dr. Cupcakes removes the clamps, crotchrope and the neck strap. He gropes her tits and forces her to her knees. He ungags her and grabs a handful of hair. He asks what she has to say for herself. He doesn’t get the response he wants. You know what that means… Yes there will be a new episode coming soon!

Featuring: Ashley Graham

Categories: Busty, pantyhose, Petite, sponge gag, Super Heroine

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