Cat Burglar Breaks into the wrong House – Part 1

Amanda has been terrorizing the neighborhood. A master thief, She has been breaking into houses at will… even in broad daylight! Today is her unlucky day though. She is captured by an angry home owner. She is played with, groped, taken to the basement, and tied up. She is not happy about her situation and lets the home owner know. For her efforts, He gags her with a huge dirty cleaning sponge. He makes her bondage even more strict by tying her elbows and her ankles. He pulls the hair of the captive catburglar before he lifts her blouse, exposing her perky, firm, tits. He manhandles her for a while as she squirms on the basement floor. He finally leaves her. She struggles and mmmppphs trying to escape for the remainder of Part 1.

Featuring: Amanda Marie

Categories: Brunettes, pantyhose, Petite

Clip name: Cat_Burglar_Amanda_Marie_Breaks_into_the_wrong_House_Part_1.mp4
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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:17:43
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