Cherry Velvet Visits, and Ends Up Bound… Surprise Surprise! – Part 1

Cherry is a woman who absolutely loves bondage. I ask her some questions before we start and find out just how much. She tells me the tighter the better… Just my kind of woman. I interview her a bit longer as I like her cute southern accent and before long she won’t be saying anything, lol. I stop asking questions and leave cherry sitting on her stool. She gets a nervous look on her face as she waits for what’s to come next. I walk up behind her and grab her by her hair and pull her to her feet. I tell her to put her arms behind her back and she seems excited to do so. I then start tying her upper body. I add ropes above and below her breasts as well as tying her arms behind her back. cherry loves the bondage… you can tell by the look on her face as she is being bound. I finally stop and take a break. I smack her ass, pull her hair and manhandle her a bit before I start adding more ropes. I add a Tight Crotchrope. I tie it off to a ring bolted to the floor in front of her. I then tie a rope to the back of her chest harness, and tie it off up high to a fence post behind her. I smack her ass and manhandle her a bit more. I ask her if she’s ready to be gagged. The look on her face says it all, but she answers me anyway. I then make her ask me to gag her… she even says please. I shove the ballgag in her mouth and strap it in tight. I play with her a little more as I cut away her skirt. I then get more rope and start tying her legs. After her thighs are tied, I tie a rope from her chest harness to an overhead hard point. Now cherry is tied and is being pulled from all directions. I finish binding her crossed legs. cherry is standing with a crotchrope pulling her forward and down. A rope pulling her back and another pulling her straight up. Now I add a hairtie and then I tie it back, forcing her to look up. I now continue manhandling and smacking her ass as cherry moans into the huge gag. I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor for a while as cherry enjoys her tight bondage. At the end of the clip I release her crotchrope and ungag her. I ask her if she’s ready to be hogtied and she says "yes". This is where Part 1 ends.
Featuring: Cherry Velvet
Categories: Brunettes, MILF, pantyhose

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