Crystal Frost is left for me as a Gift! – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… I lift Crystal to her knees and tie her rope harness off overhead. A rope gag is added, as well as ropes around her forehead. They are tied and cinced to the rope pulled tight pulling her up. At this point I stop and take a few more pics. Since I still have plenty of time left, I bind her tits very tightly! I add a crotchrope and pull it up over a pulley and then tie it off very tightly to a hitching ring bolted to the floor. I tie another rope to her rope harness and then tie it off to another hitching ring bolted to the wall behind her. Crystal is now tied very tightly and is being pulled every which way! By this time she has completely given in and is completely submissive. The cursing and yelling have stopped and she has accepted what is coming to her. Yes, we still hear little whimpers as she endures the cruel breast bondage and the crotchrope splitting her in two though. She is left like this for quite a while as I do have some work to do. When I return, I take a few more pics. I then remove the rope gag and replace it with a dental gag. I taunt her a bit before my shift is over. Tony will be starting his shift soon and I believe in the pay it forward concept, so I leave Crystal for him to enjoy.

Featuring: Crystal Frost

Categories: Blondes, Busty, crotchrope, garter and stockings, hogtied, MILF, Open Mouth Gag

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