Employee Discipline – Dolly Volunteers – Part 1

Are your profits not what they used to be? Can you succeed and prosper in this down economy? If you answered "yes" to the 1st question then you NEED this collection of video. If you follow business Guru Eric Cain’s formula then the answer to the 2nd question is a Most Definite YESSS!! This is the first of many, where Eric shares his secrets for success! In this first episode he explains employee relations. Dolly has "volunteered" to to help him demonstrate. In this non-scripted series, Eric speaks from the hip as he demonstrates a new employee discipline technique he recently thought of. The clip starts with Eric shoving a ballgag in dolly’s mouth. We then see that her wrists are bound behind her back and she is tethered to a post by means of a leather strap around her neck. Eric explains what he’ll be doing today and also how he modified the office chair as Dolly remains bound and gagged behind him. Eric leaves Dolly at the post while he takes a break and gets a few items that he’ll need for todays show. When he returns he removes Doll’s neck strap and sits her in the chair. He gabs a bundle of rope and starts binding her legs. The video has times where Eric spews sage advice and tips as he ties Dolly to the chair and at times he is silent so you can let what you’ve heard sink in. He discovers that Dolly is not wearing a bra… actually she is bare chested under her blue blazer. He goes on to mention that at his company there’s no rule against that! As the tie progresses he shows how he adds tie off points to the chair by means of 1 inch pipe and the fittings he showed and described at the beginning. He also at certain times turns Dolly in the chair so you can get a good view of the entire tie. He ungags Dolly, and right away she offers to come in early and stay late… As you can see this technique is working already!! Eric orders her to struggle so he can demonstrate how the bondage becomes more and more effective as he adds more rope. Rope is tied into her pigtails and then tied off to the cross pipe above her head. This is where Part 1 ends.

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