Employee Discipline – Dolly Volunteers – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Dolly sits bound in her office chair ungagged, but that’s about to change. Eric soon stuffs a huge sponge in her mouth and tapes it in. The sponge is to big and Dolly starts choking. Eric removes it and explains that sometimes he gets a little to ambitious. He gags her with the same white ballgag that she wore before. He then adds some heavy duty clamps on Dolly’s nipples… They seem extra sensitive today, lol. Eric adds more rope. Her elbows are tied and then pulled up to the overhead pipe. Her forearms are tied to the vertical pipe in the back of the chair. Her bondage is getting pretty strict at this time. Eric continues dispensing business and bondage advice as he works. He nose hooks her next and ties those to the overhead pipe. He ties her nipple clamps off tight to the front of the chair. He then spins Dolly around so everyone can get a good look at her and her bondage from all angles. Eric walks away and leaves dolly to endure the bondage. When he returns he gropes her clamped tits and smacks them lightly. He spins her around a few more times. He takes some pics as they will be posted on the employee part of the company website. He then removes the clamps and starts groping and smacking her tits. Eric signs off and explains that he’ll be taking Dolly with him. He’s going to roll her through the office area and then leave her in the break room as entertainment for the other employees. He rolls Dolly away and the clip ends.

Categories: business attire, Busty, nipple clamps, nose clamp, pantyhose, sponge gag

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