Fayth, Big City Girl Arrested by 2 Hick Cops – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Billy Bob and Junior return from their errand and pull fayth back out of the cell. Junior holds fayth while Billy Bob grabs some rope. fayth tries to fight, but Junior pulls her arms up painfully behind her as Billy Bob starts binding her with rope. Lots of banter going on as fayth is tied. When she starts to fight Junior grabs her by her hair and yanks her head back. Billy Bob and Junior both grope and slap her ass as the cruelly bind her with the thin rope. The 2 hicks tire of her questions and insults and finally shove and strap a ballgag in her mouth. They lift her shirt and both take turns groping, and slap squeezing her tits for a bit. They are not done binding poor fayth with rope though. Billy Bob binds her elbows before he grabs her by her hair and starts punishing her tits and ass once again with hard slaps, as Junior removes her handcuffs. Her wrists are then tightly bound by Billy Bob as Junior gropes and twists her nipples.fayth can only endure and moan in agony. The day is just getting started for fayth though. The 2 hicks have much more planned for her. They push her up against the cell bars. This is where Part 2 ends… Stay tuned for Part 3.
Featuring: Fayth on Fire
Categories: breast torture, leggings, nipple clamps, sweaters

Clip name: Fayth_on_Fire_Big_City_Girl_Arrested_by_2_Hick_Cops_Part_2.mp4
Clip size: 368.727 MB
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:16:27
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