Fayth, Big City Girl Arrested by 2 Hick Cops – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… fayth’s wrists are tied to the cell bars by Billy Bob and Junior slaps her ass a few times. Her shirt is then cut completely off. They tie a rope to her crotchrope and pull it out tight and up high, forcing fayth’s legs out and forcing her to severely arch her back. They grab her by her hair and tug on the crotchrope for a few seconds before more rope is added tightening the crotchrope a little more. fayth can’t hold herself in that position any longer and she drops to her knees. Now she’s in a kneeling strappado. Not comfortable either, but its a welcome change. She’s left like this for a while. Billy Bob and Junior enjoy watching her struggle to find the most comfortable position. After a while Billy Bob does the right thing and adds a chest harness to fayth’s sweaty body and lifts her back up and ties it off to the cell bars. He ties a rope into her hair, pulls it tight and ties it to the bars as well. Junior taunts her with water, but instead of giving her a drink, he ends up pouring it on her hot sweaty body. They take out her gag for a while to see if she has any information she would like to divulge, but she doesn’t.fayth moans as clamps are put on her nipples. There are a lot of used clothes laying around that are left behind after strip searches. Because of this, Billy Bob has several pair of panties that combined with some tape, will make a fine gag for fayth. fayth seems to have lost some of her fight at this point. When officer Billy Bob starts to shove the panties in her mouth, fayth opens her mouth acceptingly. The officers walk away leaving fayth in agony. Shortly after her right nipple clamp slips off. This will be a recurring problem for fayth. That means it has to go back on. fayth’s shoes are then removed, forcing her to stand on her tippy toes. The clamps are then tied to her big toes. The right one slips off again! That right nipple is sure taking a beating. The left one is tied to her left big toe. It seems to hold a clapm better… Maybe it sweats less? fayth’s gag is removed and she doesn’t say a word… Not one wisecrack or insult. I don’t think it will be long before the interrogation pays off. 2 clover clamps are added to her right nipple.Thet are once again tied to her right big toe. Billy Bob produces a roll of vetwrap and cleave gags fayth with it. Black tape is added to make it tighter and more secure. During the process of adding the gag, both clover clamps once again slide off her nipple! fayth yells "FUUCK" when this happens, lol… It’s time for the officers lunch break, so they leave fayth in agony once again as they go enjoy some bbq. After lunch, they cut her loose from the bars and the crothrope. fayth snaps back like a spring, which is a testament to how tight the ropes were. She is put on her knees where the gag is removed. She is now completely cooperative and even calls the officer "Sir" She even tells them where the drugs are at. This is an added bonus as they didn’t care, they just wanted to teach this big city girl a lesson. She is left bound and put back in her cell and the door slams. You see her moaning and slowly struggling in her cell when the clip ends.
Featuring: Fayth on Fire
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