Gag Training for Mystic Moon – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended. Mystic Moon is recovering from the last gag. Her face is covered with tears as she spits. That earns her a few hard smacks on each of her tits. Once again she refuses to give up the password.Her interrogator already has her next gag in his hand. It is a huge cleaning sponge. He works it into her mouth and then tapes it in tightly with clear tape. Once again he continues wrapping her face with the clear tape. He then roughly manhandles and slaps her tits for a bit before he clamps her nipples. This seems to really make her yelp and squirm. He then continues to add more rope to her bondage. After a while, he removes her gag and then her clamps. Lots more tears and screaming as he plays with the clamps before he removes them. Her nose clogs from the tears and pain from the clamps. She’s going to need to overcome this if she is going to be a spy. Since this is her first gag training session, He gives her a brief break from the gags as he adds a little more rope to her bondage. This won’t be the case next time though! A pump gag is next. It is pumped up quite a bit, before it is taped. Once again he continues adding tape… criss crossing over her face and under her chin. He then adds a few more pumps. Her cheeks are bulging as the rubber inflatable is almost going down her throat.Mystic endures the gag as her Interrogator adds even more rope to her bondage. At the end of the clip the pump gag is removed.

Featuring: Mystic Moon
Categories: Brunettes, chairtied, pump gag

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Duration: 00:16:38
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