Gag Training for Mystic Moon – Part 3

This clip starts where Part 2 ended. This time Mystic does not get a break. With tears and makeup still rolling down her cheek, her Interrogator walks up behind her and grabs a handful of her hair. He pulls her head back as he pulls an old shop rag out of his pocket. He immediately shoves the rag in her mouth and then gags her cleave style with medical tape. He once again keeps adding more and more rope. He then covers her entire facial area under her nose with black tape. Once again her continues binding her with more rope to the chair. After a while, her gag is once again removed. She is asked for the password again, but again, she doesn’t give in. He gives her another break from the gags, but that’s because he’s headed toward the home stretch. He binds her elbows together tight and then ties a rope into her hair. She didn’t get much of a break, as he is soon cleave gagging her with a wide length of inner tube rubber. Black tape is wrapped over the top to make it even tighter. Poor Mystic has been in tears almost the entire time, but she has hung tough. Her interrogator nose hooks her and she really starts to scream and yelp. He asks her if she’s now willing to give up the password and she instantly agrees. Her Interrogator is not happy. He removes the nose hooks, but he leaves the gag in. Snot is running down her nose as she sobs. He turns her chair around and then ties her head back by her hair. Mystic has failed and now she’s going to spend some time in bondage and gagged. She needs to get used to it if she ever plans on completing the spy program. NOTES: This is a very intense clip. Mystic is a very tough model. She is very sensitive to pain, even with all of the sobbing, tears, and snot, she doesn’t give up.

Featuring: Mystic Moon
Categories: Brunettes, chairtied, nose hooks

Clip name: Gag_Training_for_Mystic_Moon_Part_3.mp4
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Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:19:55
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