He Got a Good Deal on Tape – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… I remove the nipple nooses from GiGi’s hair and then I remove her gag. It’s always fun to hear what she will say after she’s ungagged, but it’s more fun to shut her right back up with a new gag. I cleave gag her with an ace bandage this time. I then continue taping her legs to the legs of the chair. After I do that for a while, I wrap some black tape around her gag, making it much tighter. I then add a little more tape to her legs before I remove the nooses from her nipples. They have been hanging there since I removed them fro her pigtails. She is very frightened as I do this. She must have had a bad past experience with nipple nooses. I then remove her cleave gag. Not wanting to be wasteful and always looking for ways to re-purpose, I wad up the ace bandage and use it as a mouth stuffing gag. I realize that it won’t all fit and I have to cut some off in order to get it to fit. Many wraps of black tape keep it in her mouth and gives GiGi many chins. I clamp her nipples with some heavy duty clamps and then add more tape to her upper body. I remove her shoes next and tie each clamp to her Big toes. I wonder if she’ll keep jigging her foot now? I still have a lot of tape left, so I keep adding more and more tape to GiGi and the Chair. I eventually stop to take a few snapshots. After I get the shots I want, I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor and continue sipping my favorite beverage.

Featuring: GiGi

Categories: barefoot, Brunettes, chairtied, MILF, pantyhose, Tape Bondage

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